Training, office space and insights to help you build your dream business

You are generally very good at what you do, but sometimes need a hand in physically documenting your ideas, plans, feasibilities and direction.

As your business advisor, We can help you to scale, align your team and get there faster. We understand the pressures, challenges and hurdles owner-operated businesses face, which is why we can help you make critical decisions with confidence.

We concentrate on the four crucial decisions required to scale a business, namely People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. We help you unlock your business’s full potential by teaching you how to prioritise, align, and lead effectively.

At TRAJKOVSKI GROUP PTY LTD, we pride ourselves on providing professional but practical advice for businesses to complement existing skills and experience. Our business model is to structure services as ‘on-call’ or ‘part-time’ at very affordable rates to promote client growth. Combined with practical advice, our business advisory services help you succeed, no matter your size or industry.